NEW ! PigaLite

Prevention, activity and recovery mode

Wrap-Around Foot Support

Effectively manage various foot ailments or prevent their onset

NEW ! PigaLite

Stability Grip Socks

The best grip socks for barefoot activities

Yoga socks, Pilates socks, barre socks, ballet socks, and gym socks. Piga socks are the most versatile socks.



Relieve foot tension and promote recovery

Whether you’re looking to build a stronger foundation for your healthy feet or soothing foot ailments

Foot Support & Relief for All Walks

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A Difference-Driven Culture

We’re open to difference and challenge the status quo. At PIGA, we think differently: we think about you as a person with dreams and goals. We create products that help you reach the heights you aspire.

A Taste for Exploration

We explore our inner world to find new ways to think and create products that will bring you new insights on how to practice your sports.

A Quest for Balance

We create the perfect balance with a good heart, anchored feet and a free spirit. Together, they help us guide our decisions and pave the way.

PigaOne : From our hands to your feet

PigaOne are totally new compressive grip socks equipped with a built-in adjustable arch support band designed for barefoot activities and sports, to be worn in sporting and / or therapeutic settings for the prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of the feet, from home to studio, on land or in water. Women and men can now get dynamic support without shoes on in all their favorite barefoot activities.
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Supporting you in your journey

The PostureForce™ System PigaONE integrates the dual action PostureForce System combining a soft arch-support + adjustable heel positioning attachment that gently lifts you up by supporting your feet. But the benefits don’t stop here. The PigaONE footwraps also provide light compression that stays put while you move and take care of sweaty feet.
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Canadian design & engineering

We spent 2 years carefully engineering the PostureForce technology behind our PigaOne socks. Together with it’s unique design, it enables you to dynamically adjust your feet position and anchor them on the ground with our promise of helping you build – and keep – stronger, healthier feet!
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