Meet Piga

Our Philosophy

At PIGA, we believe it is every human being’s birthright to be able to stand tall and move freely to reach new heights.

We are on a mission to bring novel solutions to people who wish to be active and pursue their sports and activities with greater comfort and stability.

A Quest for Balance

We create the perfect balance with a good heart, anchored feet and a free spirit. Together, they help us guide our decisions and pave the way.

A Difference-Driven Culture

We’re open to difference and challenge the status quo. At PIGA, we think differently: we think about you as a person with dreams and goals. We create products that help you reach the heights you aspire.

A Taste for Exploration

We explore our inner world to find new ways to think and create products that will bring you new insights on how to practice your sports.

Our Story


The entrepreneurial women-made story started a few years ago with Sandra, founder of PIGA and dedicated ambassador. Sandra tried just about every barefoot footwear to stay safely grounded, stable and relieve her sore feet to improve her Pilates practice. But with sweaty feet, heavy legs, and plantar fasciitis, she couldn’t find any footwear that truly felt barefoot – so she invented the PigaONE footwrap.

Sandra started in 2015 and spent the next 2 years developing PigaONE. She and her team created 18 prototypes before they found the perfect design. Along the way, Sandra met Julie the podiatrist, and soon to be close friend. Together, Sandra and Julie developed the PostureForceTM patent-pending arch-support technology behind PigaONE. The product has undergone rigorous product validation with yoga and Pilates practitioners.

Once the product was finished, Julie ran a clinical trial in 2016 with a small group of women to confirm the efficacy of PigaONE to improve stability and posture. With the overwhelming success of the clinical trial helping 90% of participants, Julie and Sandra were releasing PigaONE to everyone in 2017.

PigaONE is the first of a series of revolutionary barefoot systems to be created by Sandra and Julie. They are on a mission to offer smart footwear that shapes to your foot and feels barefoot at the same time.