How Piga changes the way you do your sport

How Piga changes the way you do your sport

As an athlete, you’re built from the ground up. The body is a vastly interconnected system, and your feet are the foundation. So if you’re struggling to push past a plateau – whether in your fitness, your flexibility or your strength - your feet may be your missing link. Despite the tremendous importance of intrinsic foot strength, most athletes unwittingly sacrifice performance and set themselves up for injury by neglecting one thing: their toes.

It’s surprisingly easy to improve your foot strength. Strengthening your feet can lead to huge improvements in performance. The feet effectively act as a powerhouse for speed, strength, and power – and not many of us know it.

A well-developed foot is important for anyone, particularly if you’re practicing a barefoot sport. The muscles in the feet provide stability for all movement, and consistent attention to working on your feet is the best way to ensure that you’re able to protect your body and get better at your sport.

Postural balance is essential in human movement – whether you’re lifting weights, balancing on one foot, or carrying plates to the dinner table. Developing proper balance is a prerequisite for many functional and sporting activities. Piga socks are a tool that will help you fine-tune your proprioception and be more aware of your body.

Why Piga socks are different

Piga are a technical socks sporting an attractive design that meets the unique needs of barefoot sports enthusiasts for whom support and balance are essential for optimal stability.

The integration of a flexible arch-support system into a second skin makes it capable of strengthening the feet through neuromuscular activation, whether before, during or after training. This technology and approach is totally unprecedented.

Piga socks strengthens and stabilizes the feet so that the internal muscles of the feet work and develop properly - and you get to keep the gain you’ve earned while wearing Piga socks after you take them off. To learn more about Piga grip socks, visit or contact us at