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The only grip socks that supports both your active lifestyle and your feet

PigaOne stability grip socks provide all-around support, stability and balance your feet need, offering unparalleled comfort and durability you can count on whererever you go, from home to studio, on land and in the water.

Free your feet during barefoot activities, as well as pre- and post-activities. Perfect for Pilates, yoga, dance, paddle board, martial arts, barre, all-day comfort on lazy days around the house, and more.

Our socks feature an adjustable arch support band in a snug compression design that support, stabilize and energize your feet. Whether you’re looking to build a stronger foundation for your healthy feet or soothing foot injuries and problems that may sometimes hamper your activities, you can now count on dynamic support without shoes and confidently go barefoot.

Made of Nylon Spandex©, the stretch-to-fit design moulds to practically any foot shape for ultimate fresh comfort and durability.

It’s barefoot, but better.

The PostureForce™ System

PigaONE integrates the dual action PostureForce™ System combining a soft arch-support + adjustable heel positioning attachment that gently lifts you up by supporting your feet.

But the benefits don’t stop here. The PigaONE footwraps also provide light compression that stays put while you move and take care of sweaty feet.

What makes them truly unique is that they also help prevent or recover from different types of foot injuries that may sometimes hamper your trainings. It’s barefoot, but better.

PigaOne and Proprioception

We all know that a house needs a solid foundation to stand. The same goes for our bodies. Many standing poses use the feet as a foundation. So it’s important to make sure that this foundation is a solid one. How do we do this? By bringing our awareness to our feet. That’s where it all starts. That’s where the PostureForce System gets to work by activating your proprioception.

Proprio…? What is it?

While standing, you are constantly activating your body sensors through proprioception to maintain balance. The PostureForce System works by stimulating the plantar arch of the foot acting on it’s proprioception.

It is the unconscious perception of the position and movements of your limbs through space without having to observe them visually. It is an integral part of the balance system allowing the body to adapt to different positions.

It has been demonstrated that nerve endings from the sole of the foot provide important information for the control of our posture and locomotion. The stimulation provided by PigaOne triggers the body’s intrinsic balance system, modifying the center of gravity to a more optimal position.

Take a look at the Technical Sheet to learn more

Clinical Trial

Our clinical trial demonstrated that 90% of participants had improved balance while wearing PigaONE. Improving weight bearing points positioning of the feet on the ground meant better floor anchoring and reduced oscillation of the center of gravity. The upper body result is less energy loss and compensation while maintaining balance that leads to better movement availability and amplitude as well as enhanced global posture.

See Indications and Contraindications
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Stability Grip Socks


Indications and


Foot recovery
  • Reduce foot fatigue at the end of the day, including the arches of the feet
  • Help relieve muscles injuries
  • Better blood circulation

Foot rehabilitation
  • Plantar arches musculation
  • Balance work

As a complementary treatment tool adapted for barefoot sports and activities (yoga, pilates, martial arts, water activities, etc.)
  • Balance work
  • Support of the arches of the feet
  • Mobilization of the 1st joint (big toe)
  • Light compression effect
  • Help raise awareness of a better posture of the foot, therefore of the body (proprioception)
  • Better control during mouvement


  • Diabetes or circulatory disorders
  • Peripheral neuropathy (loss of sensation in the feet)
  • Fracture of the foot and stress fracture
  • Undiagnosed foot pathology that persists