Discover how you can improve your yoga practice to keep you young.

Discover how you can improve your yoga practice to keep you young.

Recently, a video went viral on Facebook. It pictured Tao Porchon, a 98-year-young yoga teacher who, at the age of 98, has kept the flexibility of her twenties! There's no doubt that practicing yoga for over 75 years has helped her stay fit inside and out. She breathes happiness and her serenity gives her the youth we all desire. Look at her posture as well : she stands tall showing how she glows!

If you don't know Tao Porchon, take a look at this video :

Not a long time ago, when we were kids, we could climb, run and jump with happiness and vitality. We didn't care much about our posture although we could also be slobs at times, haha!

But as we age, our posture can have an impact on our mobility. Even though we acknowledge that having a good posture is important, we often do little to help it. We don't stand straight and we keep thinking that the pain is normal.

Barefoot and posture control

But we actually CAN do something about it. A good thing to help us is to walk barefoot when we come home and stay active with the practice of barefoot activities likes yoga, Pilates, martial arts, SUP, dance, etc.

Controlling our posture is to maintain our stability with our muscles, bones, joints and nervous system. The body stability is achieved when our gravity center is well aligned and that our feet are strong and healthy. Our feet, like roots, help us to stay grounded.