6 tips about barefoot training

6 tips about barefoot training

Based on personal client experience and my experience I want to provide you with the best tips. So let's get to it, here's what you need to know...

  • Faulty foot and ankle mechanics impact muscle function, mechanics, and joint health throughout the entire body.


  • Most shoes act as a crutch, thus contributing to foot and ankle dysfunction.


  • Barefoot & minimalist training is the ideal way to train and move, but your body must be properly prepared first. .


  • If you're unable to perform a majority of your activities in barefoot or minimalist conditions, then you have foot and ankle deficiencies and probably have pain on your body somewhere.


  • Improving foot and ankle function will do wonders for movement mechanics, particularly in the hips and lower torso.


  • The feet and ankles are best trained with a variety of exercises that focus on stabilization and balance. Mobility comes first always, always